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Vol. 20 (59), № 2. 2007
Philology. Social communications

Novikova M.A.
The Crimean cycle of poems of M.Zerov.
The paper introduces V.Zerov’s “Crimean series” of poems into philological run-over (first translation into Russian made by the paper’s author). It is also supplied with a description of the Zerov’s “Crimea” as a concept.

Dzhioeva M.G.
Crinea on M. Voloshin’s Kognitive Map.
In the article it is using the kognitive mapping method for researching of M. Voloshin’s poetry.

Dyomina E.G.
Metaphorics of the image of the enemy in F. Gladkov’s story “New Land”.
In the article the features of creation enemy’s appearance in F.V. Gladkov’s story “New earth” are examined.

Ivanova N.P.
The world of a nature and spiritual evolution of the man in the Tolstoy’s story “Kazaki”.
In clause the rple of the world of a nature in formation and evolution of outlook of the man on an example of the Tolstoy’s story “Kazaki” is analyzed. The literary landscape is considered (examined) as one of major means of expression of an author’s position and characteristic of the heroes.

Mashkova E.E.
Childhood as ontological value in Soviet production prose of 1920ies-1930ies.
In the article the controversial decision of theme of childhood, which is key theme of Soviet literature of first ten-year periods after Revolution, in production prose and criticism of 1920ies-1930ies is given.

Ostapenko I.V.
Urban landscapes: multicultural aspect (on the material of lyric of B. Chichibabin).
For the first time the peculiarities of B. Chichibabin’s urbanity landscape are analyzed in the paper. Urbanity is considered in multicultural aspect.

Sokolova I.G.
“Moya dusha prohodit cherez ryad misteriy goticheskih soborov” (Maximillian Voloshin’s “cross path” in versus cycle “Church in Ruan”). First article: “An Elevated” and “An Earthly” in versus “The night”.
The article deals with the analysis of M. Voloshin’s versus “The night” from versus cycle “Ruanski church”. Poet shows a combination and a coexistence of eternal and passing in the world and in the man’s life.

Koltukhova I.M.
Interaction of literary tradition and poetic character of postmodernism in Lyudmila Petrushevskaya’s fairy tale “Two Sisters”.
The article analyzes Petrushevskaya’s literary fairy tale, as a complex genre. A number of cultural associations enrich the semantics of the work with new sense and nuances of meaning. At the same time, keeping genre tradition, dialogue with it is a kind of the starting point and way of the world evaluation for the author.

Chembrovich O.V.
The post-graduate student of faculty of the Russian and foreign literature.
This article examines the story of M. Gorky “Mother”, within the frame of new view on the theory of socialist realism. Are analyzed the basic philosophical ideas, incarnated by the author in this work. The religious-philosophical concept of the narrative is brought to the front.

Shum O.Yu.
The idea of collective person in 1929-1930’s publicistic works by M. Gorky.
In the article the idea of collective person occupying an important place in the late outlook of the writer is investigated on the material of 1920-1930’s publicistic works by M. Gorky. The content of the Soviet period collectivist views of M. Gorky is analyzed.

Ivanova L.P.
Changes of direction of norm’s valuation and necessary reformations in the course of Culture of Speech.
In the article changes and their directions in the culture of speech and the reasons of the process are analysed.

To the question about the trend of morpheme analysis of the word.
In the given article attention is paid to the actuality of knowledge in the sphere of morphemic; regrets that the process of morphemic analysis doesn’t connected with the development of coherent speech are given; the demands to such principles of morphemic analysis are explained, when phrasal units are created, using different synonymic structures. All mentioned above is shown by means of examples.

Musienko V.P.
The preparation of the Russian philologists to the teaching of Russian on the communicative basis: based on the experience of the Cherkassky national university of Bogdan Khmelnitsky.
The article deals with the set of subjects included into rte syllabi of B.Khmelnitsky Cherkassky National University (for speciality “The Russian Language and Literature”).The syllabi are aimed at training the Russian language students on communication principles. The article alsoexamines the subject choice motivation and determines the content and structure of the courses.

Nikitina E.A., Chistyakov V.A.
The integration of Pre-University education into European system of higher education based on principles of Bologna agreement.
The article is dedicated to the process of integration of Pre-University education in Russia into European system of higher education based on principles of Bologna agreement.

Novikova M.A.
The research games: “Wagons” (the experience of scientific seminars).
The paper deals with the experience of post-graduate workshop, namely – with principles and strategies of scientific papers title making up (in a creative play-from).

Afanasjeva N.D., Kuznetsova M.V.
Morphological features of formal style in aspect of teaching Russian.
The article deals with the morphological features and functioning of verbs, nouns and adjectives and usage in the formal style on the Russian language in the teaching Russian (foreign language).

Valit E.S.
Culturological concepts in context of optional course for foreign students “national picture of the world and common to all mankind world view”.
The article offers to increase the efficiency of the already known, yet a rather efficient method of teaching Russian language to foreign students, i. e. a personalized and active approach to the students. The relevancy of the optional courses’ creation on cultural aspects of linguistics in the context of psycholinguistics with intent to activate the spiritual aspects of education is also substantiated.

Varava S.V.
Features of presentation of a lexical and grammatical material in the process of training to scientific style.
In the article we made an attempt to substantiate the division of the scientific style course on the course of subjects’ introduction and the basic one. Also we revealed the distinctions in presentation of lexical and grammatical material in the basic course and in the course of subjects’ introduction.

Demetskaya V.V.
The denotation of concept adaptation in the theory of communication and translation.
The articleis devoted to the problem of the place which adaptation occupies within the cross-culture and translational theories.

Ldokova M.N.
Argumentative Discourse Teaching of Students of Technical Institute of Higher Education (using English Language Material).
The author considers the problem of argumentative discourse teaching in non-linguistic institutes of higher education, conditions, objects and stages of teaching.

Melnic T.V.
A system of exercises for development of figurative speech.
The article contains a system of exercises and tasks for development of pupils’ figurative speech. The analysis of specific character of the exercises and theoretical understanding of their role in the conditions of inhomogeneous language surrounding create a background for developing of a system of exercises for schools with teaching in Russian language. The necessity of such exercises is caused by methods of teaching of figurative speech. This approach is suggested to be realized on the basis of three groups of exercises.

Senik L.N.
Control of foreign students-non-philologists’ independent work during Russian language teaching.
The article considers the control of foreign medical students’ independent work as one of the teaching methods topical questions during teaching Russian language as a foreign one. The control system and teaching-methodical material for special literature reading in Russian are proposed.

Titarenko E.Ya., Chzhan Sin.
The comprarison of sillarbs in the Russian and Chineese languages according to the studing targets.
The article contains the comparison analysis of structure sillabs in the Russian and Chineese. The summaries could be used in the practice of teaching the chineese students of the Russian pronounsation and rithm of words.

Trischuk O.V.
Expression of authorship in the abstract text.
Language means of expression of authorship in the primary scientific document and in the abstract created on its basis are analyzed. The author’s component is considered not only in the person of a producer of the abstract, but also as multivariate concept which contains also the founder of the primary source and quoted authors.

Tuzova T.A.
The formulating of the concept of the business communication while attending the short professional-oriented courses.
The article is to the problem of instruction business-like speech on short-term course. In this article generalize experience of work with guides from Turkey.

Bondarenko L.A.
The realization of professor O. M. Sokolov’s ideas in the practice of teaching of Russian of as a foreign.
The article shows some of the Sokolov’s ideas connected with the semantic of the Russian verbs and also their possibilities of using in the practice of teaching of Russian of as a foreign.

Ushakova N.Yu.
Semiotic and polygraph parameters of the text-book of Russian of as a foreign.
The article is devoted to the theoretical analysis of semiotic and polygraphic design of the Russian as foreign textbook. This is one of the conditions of successful educational process. Methodical, cultural and cognitive basis of the textbook design are determined here.