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Vol. 21 (60), № 1. 2008
Philology. Social communications

Antipova N.A.
Metamor phosis of fantastic in Schumann’s oper a “Genoveva”
The article is devoted to the global analysis of metamorphosis of fantastic in Schumann’s opera “Genoveva”.

Arhipenko L.M.
Massmedia as a field of human activity
In the article massmedia are examined as a field of human activity, which has f great impact on public life in the age of information. Also it is an integral end takes part in forming language culture of people and culture competence.

Artamonova I.M.
The genr es of online jour nalism
This work examines the problems of journalistic genre and specificity of its use in the new electronic mass media.

Barishpolets A.T.
Television audience differentiation accor ding to mediacultur e cr iteria
The article analyzes research results of media culture problems for adult population, as well as school and college student audience. Specifically, the TV audience’s abilities to analyze TV information and submerge into virtuality as personality mediaculture criteria are considered.

Bacman A.L.
The categor y of the author ’s image as a humanitar ian univer sal of the ontological pr oblem within the context of the jour nalistic discourse
The category of the author’s image as a humanitarian universal is approached in terms of its ontological nature with the journalistic discourse as a syncretic creative phenomenon taken into consideration.

Bidzilya Ju.M.
The press segment in an infor mation field of Italy
In article is considered Ukrainian language process of creation new Ukrainian press in Italy by emigrants, who have left Ukraine in 2nd half 90th years of the XXth century.

Bogdanovich G.Ju.
The infor mation field and text possibilities in polylingvocultur al situations
In article are considered features of media polylingvocultural field of Crimea through a prism of the language person.

Bogdanovich O.I.
The Inter net in Ukr aine: the Cr imean independent access (the r eview of the mar ket of Inter net pr ovider s of Cr imea)
To article on the basis of the data of statistics and conclusions of experts features of functioning of Internet communications in Ukraine and to Crimea are considered.

Boyko N.V. A
Theor etical Pr ojection of the Subject “Recent Trends in the Moder n Newspaper J our nalism” as an Epistemological Pr oblem of J our nalism and J our nalistic Studies
Upon the basis of the modern philosophic humanitarian thought the article studies the epistemological problems which connect trends in the journalistic discourse to mass consciousness and mass culture.

Buryak V.D.
Communicativeness of infor mational function of cognition and for ms of textual ar chitectonics
The article by Buryak V.D. “Communicativeness of informational function of cognition and forms of textual architectonics” highlights on communicativeness as a part of informational function of cognition and on corresponding forms of textual architectonics.

Butyrina M.V.
Efficiency mass media in a context of the theor y of ster eotypes
The question of the efficasy of mass communication is being considered in the article. They concentrale our attanion on the different approach to understanding of media effects. Stereotipes of mass consciousness is being considered as components of action and efficasy of massmedia.

Cheremska O.S., Zhovtobrjuch V.F.
The press of Charkiv region: fr om 50th year s of XX centur y up to nowdays
The article is devoted to essential and thematic analyses of the press published in Charkiv region during the period from 50th years of XX century up to nowdays. The problems of language status of newspaper’ materials are considered.

Cherepovskaya N.I.
Psychology aspect of video cultur e in conditions media infor mation space
The video culture presents considerable part of general media information space. The video culture influences on the formation of person. Adequate perception of visual media production may be secure by visual media culture of person.

Demchenko S.V.
The pr oblem of mass communication and politic interaction as elements of the society is under study

Demchenko V.D.
Journalistic for mation in the conditions of an infor mation society
The process of transforming information into essential society resource needs new demands for gournalistic staff, which is under study in the thesis.

Drozdova G.V.
Pr oblem questions TV and r adio space of the Crimea
In the article are considered problems of activity TVchanel “Crimea” and ways of improvement of realisation state information politicians in Crimea.

Dupak O. A
literaty review in Ukrainian printing massmedia: featur es of tr ansfor mation of genre
The article is devoted to the place of the review in the Ukrainian mass media, to the transformation of the genre in the process of the historical, social, economical and cultural changing in the country. A basic accent is done on consideration of features of genre and determination of the modified forms of review, editions presented on pages.

Dyachenko M.D.
Dynamics of the subject and pr oblem complex and updating of the r epor ting discour se in the regional press (on the mater ial of the zapor ozhye newspaper s second half of XXth centur y)
The article deal with the specific character and genre versions of the reporting, subject and problem complex of a genre, its dynamics according to the historical periods, social and political changes in the country.

Yegorova L.G.
The image text as a phenomenon of a moder n infor mation field
In article the image text – a phenomenon which is a part of a modern information field is presented.

Yevgrafova A.
The lead as a compr ess speech for m
This article deals with the role of lead in the architectonic organization of the journalist text.

Frolov P.D.
Infor mative space and inter active technologies of for ming of public opinion: points of contiguity
Attempt to find out is carried out how application of interactive technologies of formation of public opinion can will be reflected in a condition of domestic information space

Halych O.A.
Publicism of diar ies of the Ukr ainian wr iters
In the article the diaries of the Ukrainian writers are examined XX – beginning of a XXI age. Special accent is done on their publicism that is one of leading genre lines of this memoir form. Diaries serve as material of V. Vinnichenko, O. Honchar, E. Baran.

Galych V. N.
Valentyna Gonchar ’s Memoir s “I’m Full of Love…” as a sour ce of the study of the wr iter’s selfediting
The article depicts memoirs of the classic of ukrainian literature Oles Gonchar’s wife in the aspect of relevant questions of the author’s editing. Attention is focused upon master’s skill as a selfeditor.

Gasanova V.T.
Heroic natur e of intellectual
Heroic nature of intellectual is explore in the article, ideas of and energetic.

Gnedash E.V.
The student newspaper as cor por ate edition of higher educational establishment
In the article there were analyzed students periodical, there were followed common features of the students periodical and the corporative periodical, there were indicated the main aims of such periodical, there were investigated the demands of target audience.

Golodnikova Ju.A.
Political talk show as Ukrainian media game
The article is deales with researching of talkshow in the mediaplay context.

Grydchyna V. V.
Natur e of the image
An image researches through a picture. The article is devoted to the various theories, whish describe an ontogenesis and gnoseology of image.

Khavkina L.M.
Dimensions of adver tising color ation: demonstr ation and naming of color as a ways of adver tising myth making.
The article is devoted to allround study of peculiarities and primary variants of function of color category in modern advertising production.

Ivanchenko S.M.
Media effects of behavior al change: efficiency factor s of infor mation campaigns
Analysis of the mass media efficiency factors, especially media effects on individual behavior is provided. Direct and indirect media effects are considered, as well as the effects determined by the social institutions and legislation. It was found that media campaigns’ efficacy is growing when they incorporate institutional and political responses, and are directed towards social and cultural changes. Development of media campaigns should be focused on group and societal variables rather than individual behavior.

Ivanova E.V.
Str ategy of for mation and tr ansfor mation of exper ience of r eading in ver sions of the Ukr ainian magazines about the liter atur e – “the Kiev Russia”, “School and Education”
Ukrainian magazines about literature in the aspect of problem of receptivecommunicative method of mastering reading experiment as a special kind of social activity of a person, to which art journalism provokes and forms, are examined in the article.

Ivchenkov V.I.
Moder n J our nalism in Linguistic Par adigm
New phenomena in journalism caused by the change of the linguistic paradigm of media functioning are discussed.

Kazakova T.V.
Infor mation and Communicative Relations of the Ear liest Hominids as the Or igin of Social Communications. A fr agment of Author ed Alter native Cour se «Theor y and Histor y of Social Communications»
The article proves that the group communication of the earliest Hominids is a philogenetic origin of the human social communications.

Kochegarova A.
The issues for childr en at the midea expanse of Ukraine
Мodern progress of child's publicism trends are analysed in the article.

Kupa K.A.
The pr oblematics of the female in mass media: the abuse of the female
The article considers the issue of highlighting the problem of the abuse of the female in mass media. Numerous international legal documents prove existence of the problem in modern society. Mass media is an important political and economical institution. It has the power to influence the society’s attitude towards the problem of the abuse of the female. Moreover, mass media has to exercise this power in order to eliminate this antisocial phenomenon.

Kuznetsova T.V.
Values in the texts of printing massmedias
In the article the represented main tendencies of representation of values in media.

Lavryk O.V.
Noncommer cial adver tising in the moder n jour nalism: concept definition
The article is devoted to the analysis of the noncommercial advertising as the problem of the modern journalism. Features, standards and functions of the noncommercial advertising are considered.

Levitskaya N.E. J.
Lipi's shor t stor y «A meeting of Writer s» (gener ation of liter ar y " Parents" and " Children" )
In the article explore typestyle of creative Ukrainian intelligentsia.

Manakin V.M.
The ener gy phenomenon of human language
The article focuses on very interesting and mysterious problem of energy phenomenon of human language. The author suggests to find the secret of the phenomenon using interdisciplinary method including quantum theory of physics.

Mironenko G.V., Klimhuk N.V.
The psychology of the inter net: r esearch tr ends and development outlook
Fundamental and applied psychological research of the Internet has been analyzed in the article. The “net communication”, virtual personality, and Internet addiction phenomena have been described. Prospective trends of the psychology of the Internet have been outlined.

Ogar E.I.
The moder n childr en's edition of books: " illness" of gr owth
The basic features of the modern Ukrainian children’s book of the turnofthecentury are described under communicative and functional point of view. The main attention concentrates on it’s possibility to reflect of the world of child of new century and millennium.

Pavlenko L.H.
A state and pr ospectives of for eign languages br oadcasting of the Radio Ukraine Inter national
The article investigates the current functioning of the foreign language departments of the Radio Ukraine International. There was conducted the analysis of the thematic palette of the foreign language programs and their audience, the main informational aims of the activity of the above mentioned departments were defined. The author also described the perspectives of the Ukrainian broadcasting in foreign languages from Ukraine

Petrunko O.V.
The Inter net as technology of for mation of public thought: sociallypsychological r esour ces
Іnternet is considered as innovation mеdіа. as alternative social environment for lifemade of modern people. as modern іnformation and communication tеchnology of the influence to public opinion in media soсіety. The socialpsychology resources of the Іnternet as a made public opinion tеchnology is studied.

Ponomarenko L.G.
The bible in moder n pr inting нерелигийны х massmedia (the compar ative analysis of degr ee of its image in editions «Mir r or of week», " Day" , «Ukr aine is young»)
This article discusses the extent to which the Ukrainian secular mass media mentions the Bible, both directly and indirectly at semantic and context level. Of particular note is the connotation of the word „Bible” in the mass media, especially in the realm of political discussion.

Pristupenko T.O.
Freedom of speech and jour nalistic ethics is in Ukr aine
In the article it is analyzed the actual problems of journalistic ethics related to political situation in the state, freedom of speech as well as legislative basis of mass media.

Rizun V.V.
The tr uth and lie: the histor y of mutual r elations
In article goes speech about rules of struggle against a lie, about necessity of observance by journalists of main principle of a speciality – truthfulness.

Sadivnychyy V.O., Gaidina Yu.V.
Vividness and poetics as components of cr eation final conception publicistic work on example of «Letter s fr om Village» by P. Kulish
One can observe on Example of «Letters from Village» by P. Kulish how expressive details, toponims and antroponims give vividness to publicistic work, have effect on its compositional integrity and on originating the ultimate conception.

Samusevich V.M.
Per sonification in the jour nalistic text
The article considers the problem of personification in the journalistic text. The analysis of the Belarusian print press represented in the article detects new tendencies and mechanisms of publicist speech development peculiar to the postmodernist period.

Savchenko L.R.
Net and Language
The article approaches some specific features of the language existence on the Internet. The features result from the paradoxical nature of the Russian culture. The opposite game nature phenomena of the “yazyk padonkaff” and the wordforming, cognitive activities of the participants in Mikhail Epstein’s project “A Gift of a Word” are compared with their opposition in terms of creative intentions taken into consideration. The article poses topical questions related to the research perspectives of cognitive traits in the Ukrainian language.

Shaklein В.М.
Lingvoсultur al aspect of a social dialect
In article features of functioning of language in real speech activity (on an example of a social dialect) are considered.

Shestakova E.G.
Daily occur ence as a subject of disciplines of a sociallycommunicative cycle
In the article rises and in general features is solved the methodical problem of the of substantial filling of disciplines of a sociallycommunicative cycle. It is suggested to make courses, devoted a daily occurence, one of the main for the students of speciality «social communication».

Shevchenko V.E.
Mediadesign as dir ection of pr ofessional pr eparation of jour nalists
The article is devoted to a new industry of journalism – Mediadesign, its functions, features of preparation of students, educational disciplines.

Sinelnikova L.N.
Specificity the sender adresatnyh of r elations in amassmedia discour se
The article deals with the characteristics of the interactive relations modeled by the sender of massmedia text in order to influence optimally on the addressee, create a sharable sphere – cognitive, psychological and linguistic.

Sterdenko S.M.
Family Role in the Teenager s’ Mediacultur e For mation Pr ocess
The article is devoted to the formation of the mediaculture in a family circle. The criteria of the personality mediaculture standard have been fixed. The methodical tools of the teenagers’ mediaculture investigation have been worked out. Peculiarities of the mass media products consumption by different age groups representatives have been analyzed.

Suprun L.V.
The moder n speech of the mass media: the zones of risk
In the article is realised the attempt to elucidate the negative manifestations of modern publicistic speech. It is payed the particular attention to jargon of the language of the mass media. It is scrutinized the peculiarities of the phenomenon of the fashion in the speech of the workers of mass media. It is outlined the ways of an overcoming the mentioned zones of risk.

Suprun V.M., Suprun L.V.
The pr oblems of the linguistic competence of the jour nalists
The article is devoted to the problem of the linguistic competence of the journalists. It is characterised the typical mistakes of the modern publicistic speech. It is scrutinized in details the linguistic stamps of the mass media. It is named the reasons of low level of the linguistic competence of the workers of mass media.

Tagamlyk S.V.
Priming as way to manipulate mass consciousness in a teletext. (on a mater ial of culinar y shows)
In the article rises and in general features is solved the problem of priming as way of a manipulation mass consciousness in a teletext. The author examines realization of priming effect on a material of culinary shows.

Tkachenko O.G., Isypchuk N.V.
The main subjects of social activity – mass media and power – dur ing the elections
The article observes– the main positions of models “power – massmedia” during the elections of 2004 on the material of two Sumy newspapers which represent different forms of property – private and municipal.

Valieieva L.V.
Pr ocesses diver gences and conver gences of ethnic gr oups on the Cr imean medialandscape
The Author reveals the reasons and gives the characteristic to processes divergences and convergences of ethnic groups on the Crimean medialandscape. The modern condition of the Crimean massmedia testifies to two directions of considered processes: the Center – the Autonomy and actually Crimean interethnic conflictness and intraethnic coordination.

Vasilieva O.A.
Computer Technologies in the Pr ocess of Teaching the English Language in the Higher Educational Establishments
The article dwells upon the problem of usage of multimedia technologies in the process of teaching the English language in the Higher Educational Establishments. Didactic and methodological aspects realized by means of computer are under consideration. The process of organizing of telecommunicational projects is described in the article.

Vasina O.V.
Language game in massmedia text, as a r epr esentative of a sociolect
In the article rises and in general features is solved the problem of a language game in massmedia text, as a representative of a sociolect

Volodchenko O.N.
Mutual r elations of massmedia and audience in moder n ter ms
In the process of further study of role of mass media in society and in the development of information and communication technology appeared new aspects, which compelled newly to look at the mutual relations of massmedia and audience. Exactly these aspects underlay this article. The author makes an example of foreign experience of mass media’s work with an audience and talks about the necessity of media education for citizens.

Zelinskaya N.V.
The scientific edition of books in Ukr aine: on a way to r eboot
The problems of the Ukrainian scholarly book publishing within market conditions and possibilities of using of foreign experience for their solving are regarded. The positive changes in this field are noted.

Tsybulskaya M.P.
Typological modifications of the jour nalistic text (gender aspect)
The journalistic text is analyzed from the gender differentiation standpoint.