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Vol. 24 (63). № 3. 2011
Social communications

Memetov A.
Vowels in the Crimean Tatar language
This article describes the features of phonetic structure of the Crimean Tatar language, Crimean Tatar  vowels classification is made.

Adimuratova Z. N.
Imitating to the different types of ringing in crimeantatar language
Imitative denotation of different types of ringing in crimeantatar language is related to acoustic original- ity of anlaut and vowel in the middle of sound imitating model VCV, because general for all names with this  value are such sounds: ?, n.

Berberova R.A.
Difficult words are in creation of Amdi Giraibaya
In the article difficult words are first probed in creation of Amdi Giraybaya, in the process of research  the lexical come to light and grammatical peculiarities, composition and types of difficult words chosen from  works of Amdi Giraybaya.

Khanchobany A.A.
Revealing the concept of complex noun phrases in different systematic lan- guages (Azerbaijani, Farsi and English)
Comparative study of various aspects of language is among the main issue of the new linguistics. In this  regard, the analysis of syntactic units in different systems of languages is important. . This paper investigates  the concept of complex noun phrases in Azerbaijani.

Bekirova L. I.
Verb of past tense of indicative on the –r edi in a modern crimean tatar language
In the article the forms of past tense of verb of indicative are investigated on the -r edi in a modern cri- mean tatar language. It is set during research, that a category of past tense of indicative in a crimean tatar lan- guage is the difficult and varied on a grammatical structure system.   It is set that form of past tense on the - r edi behaves to the analytical forms of past tense.

Vyshnitskaya Y. V.
Mythological scenarios are in the modern world: statement of a question
The article outlines a theoretical aspect of researches into neo-mythologism in modern society: it intro- duces scientific theories of the interpretation of myth and information models which help construct mythologi- cal script that undergoes a long process of adaptation in society. The modern ethnical script of “Paradise Lost  and Paradise Regained” is being researched on the material of the religious literature. It is being reconstructed  through the prism of the universal mythologeme of “the road” with the use of the frame analysis.

Selendili L. S.
The verb words combinations with a numeral dependent (on the basis of the Cri- mean Tatar language)
This article describes the distinctive features, revealed the structural and semantic features of Crimean  Tatar verbs words combinations with numerals. 

Murtazaeva A.N. 
Theoretical bases of studying of direct and indirect speech in  крымскотатарском language
In article the review of scientific researches devoted to a problem of direct and indirect speech on  purpose is resulted to generate theoretical bases of studying of direct and indirect speech in Crimean Tatar  language

Kubedinova L. S.
Phraseological microsystem “Prolonged Utterance” in Crimeantatar, English  and Russian languages
This article is aimed to describe the phraseological microsystem “Prolonged Utterance” in three lan- guages of different language families – Crimeantatar, English and Russian. The historic-etymological roots of  some phraseological units of this phraseological microsystem in each of the studied language are examined as  well. 

Lavrova A. A.
Topos Moscow in the «Nakanune» satirical articles of Michael Bulgakov 
This article is devoted to the ways of modeling the artistic space in feuilletons of M. Bulgakov during  the period of his work in the newspaper “Nakanune”. There is made the analysis of oppositions capital / prov- ince, top / low, profane / sacral.

Dzhemileva A.A.
Preconditions of origin of genre of story in crimeantatar literature
In article attempt to reveal historical preconditions of occurrence of a genre of the story and to show the  role of folklore genres in development of prose in crimeantatar literature is made.

Simakovskaya A. S.
Prostorovo-chasova мотивіка stories of Kipling
This article is devoted to the peculiarities of modeling of specific Kipling’s chronotope and the princi- ples of its artistic embodiment. There is made the analysis of themain motives and leitmotivs, symbols of the  Kipling’s small prose, its influence on forming artistic space and time of writer’s short stories.

Nadzafova A. G.
Anna Akhmatova and Azerbaijan woman poet Nigar Rafibeyli
Anna Akhmatova is one of the best-known Russian poets of the 20th century. This article informs its  readers about the influence of Eastern Literary Milieu on her activity and acquaints them with her life period  in Tashkent. During World War ll Anna Akhmatova was evacuated to this city.

Seidova G.A.
Problems of classification of national eposes in Azerbaijan folklore (on a basis «Re- searches the Azerbaijan oral national literature
Articles printed in «Researches the Azerbaijan oral national literature» scientific magazine about eposes  make the basic base Azerbaijan epos creativity. A significant part published about Azerbaijan eposes articles  cover general-theoretical problems of eposes.

Garibli I. M.
Hadis’ works on pages of the newspaper “Iqbal”
After coming back to Azerbaijan from Turkey M. Hady restored his relations with media and started to  work at “Igbal” newspaper. Along with working at the newspaper, he regularly published his poems, articles  and translations there. The main issues that causes M. Hady to think in these works are the fate of Azerbaijani  people, freedom of eastern woman, and he also made some other humanity issues the objects of discussion on  the pages of the newspaper.

Bondarenko L.V.
Play codes in Tom Stoppard’s play “The Real Thing”
In the context of the playing nature of modern literature Tom Stoppard’s intellectual play “The Real  Thing” can be perceived and interpreted exclusively in the process of decoding the playing codes on different  levels of the text.

Badalova T. K.
Poetics of epithets of lyrics of Majur Shirvani
Strongest and one of most often used means of the art description is the epithet. In this article are inves- tigated the poetics of epithets in the lyric of Azerbaijani poet of XVIII century M.Shirvani. 

Gumeniuk O.M.
The interaction of lyrical and humorous aspects in the poetic of folk song by the  Crimean Tatars
The authoress of the article pays attention on the reconciliation of lyrical and humorous aspects in the  poetics of folk song by the Crimean Tatars, she reliably analyses such typical in this meaning sample of na- tional song culture as “Aq qoyun” (“White lamb”).

Kokieva A.
Magic number 3 in Crimean Tatars folklore
In the article examined magic number 3 Crimean Tatars folklore. All of codes of culture and spiritual  predetermine the metrical-standard sphere of world view. Today at reading of folk-lore works understanding  of this layer is complicated. All of it creates pre-conditions for research of basic value of cultural space.

Useinov Т.B.
Philosophy and didactics within the framework of medieval crimean tatars written  sillabic poetry
In offered article the poetic forms bearing a philosophy and didactic idea are considered, come to light  essence and features. 

Mazinov A. S. 
Crimean Tatar and Urum languages in the light of areal processes changes
The article describes the contacts and develops of Crimean Tatar and Urum languages as a private dis- play of general contacts European and Asian super ethnic formations (Slaving, Byzantium, Persian and  Turkic) which resulted in the appearance of new nations and languages. Ethnic processes determine many  parameters of a language being born. Forming dialects of the Crimean Tatar language were subjected to a  certain degree to both external and internal influence of indo-European languages. The similar processes took  a place in all of regional languages of the Crimeanpeninsula.

Bekirov R. A.
Classification of verbal phraseological units of Arabic Classification of verbal phra- seological units of Arabic at mezosyntactic level
The attempt of classification of verbal phraseological units of Arabic is done in the article. The follow- ings tasks are put: to collect, systematize and classify the group of phraseological units, having a verbal com- ponent in the composition .   It is set during research, that phraseology as ancient and vast part of composition of Arabic is interest for  the study of row of problems of Arabic linguistics. 

Gvantseladze A.N.
Peculiarities of translation of the culture – specific vocabulary (on the material  of the Russian and Turkish parallel texts of the F.M. Dostoyevsky’s novel “Crime and Punishment”)
The features of the translation of the culture – specific items are described in the article. There are gen- eral methods of translation and grammatical transformations marked out. 

Mamedova L.Y.
The syntactic functions of the adjectives (on Nizami Ganjavi`s poem “Sharaf- name”)
The paper investigates the role of the Persian adjectives as the main and auxiliary parts of sentence. The  analysis reveals their big syntactic potential. For this purpose the poem “Sharafname” written by the great  Azerbaijani classic Nizami Ganjavi serves as an empiric material in the research.

Sheremet V.V.
The place of the case grammatical category in the machine translation
In the article the place of the case grammatical category in the process of the machine translation is ob- served.

Karaeva L. Y. (Laila Roshan)
The description of the historical period of Turkic language poetry  in the work of E.J.W.Gibb
In this article the historical periods of Turkic poetry, characteristics of each period and its influence on  the subsequent period are systematically investigated. The famous English Orientalist E. Dzh. V. Gibbs "His- tory of Ottoman Poetry» work, about forming of the Turkic poetry, is described. 

Kozan O.
Wordplay in the headlines of Turkish newspapers
The aim of this article is to define the wordplay cases in the headlines of Turkish newspapers, to analyze  and to classify them. The headlines with the examples of the wordplay for the analysis were chosen from the  two leading national newspapers of different ideological direction. As a result different ways of using word- play in the headlines of Turkish newspapers were determined.

Sukhorukov O.M.
The influence of puristical activity of Persian Language and Literature Acad- emy upon the modern Persian language on the basis of vocabulary of "Iran" newspaper
This article deals with the influence of puristical activity of the Persian language and literature Academy  upon the modern Persian language. The comparative analysis of the vocabulary of governmental newspaper  “Iran” for 1995 and 2010, and the analysis of the success rate of the Academy lexical innovations are given in  the present article.

Momynkulov Z.B.
Development of Kazakh language in the period of independency of Kazakhstan
The article deals with issues of actual Kazakh language, prospects of widening its spheres of using and  problems related to this process. In this article actual problem of development and spreading of Kazakh lan- guage as a State Language of Kazakhstan are considered.

Sukhorukov O. M., Buyakevich K. A. 
The study of Persian in the USA
In the presented article is produced analysis of degree of distribution of study of Persian in educational  establishments of the USA, description of the advanced study is given in area of Iranian philology of the larg- est American universities and activity of the most meaningful public organizations, related to the study of  Persian and literature is examined.

Boribaeva S. B.
Framework for the use of nominal predicates in simple and complex sentences in  the novel Auezov "The way of Abai"
Nominal suggestions are in-process examined in kazakh on material of novel-epic of M. Auezova «Way  of Abaya». Their differences appear from verbal suggestions and the communicative setting of nominal sug- gestions is determined.

Kasimov N.
The language characters of poetry by Zodlu Abdulla
The activity of Zodlu Abdulla who was the famous folk poet of Goycha sphere of the 20th century is the  remarkable event due to the mastery. So his poetry has a rich metaphor system. In the article some literary  description and expression means such as epithet, comparison, metaphor, symbol, contrast, the literary ques- tion are analyzed on the base of examples.

Sribnyak I.V.
Origin and basic progress of оsмаn periodicals trends (second third of хіх item)
The article analyzes the process of creation of the first periodicals in the Ottoman Empire, reconstructs the main trends in development of the newspaper periodicals. It is also determined genre and thematic orienta- tion of the leading Turkish newspapers that was edited by Ibrahim Shynasi and Namik Kemal in 1860s. 

Vovk N.A.
The Features Forming the Meaning of the Firmonym at the Culture-Oriented Linguis- tics Dictionary
The article deals with the features forming the meaning of the firmonym at the culture-oriented linguis- tics dictionary. The main features are the type of the commercial enterprise and the type of the economic activ- ity. To illustrate this one uses English factual material and its explanation in Russian.

Brydko T.V.
Theory of linguistic contacts from point of linguistic variativnosti
The following article deals with main problems of the theory of language contacts that are the basis for bilingual and interlingual interference. The author sums up various definitions of the term "language contact"  and provides the reader with main factors of language interaction as well as with the typology of language  contacts.

Kаndrashova L. I.
Diagnosis of the student's personality as one component of pedagogical condi- tions of professional adaptation of students at the university agronomists
The article used data from students of pedagogical research. Reveal the basic concepts. Focuses on the  diagnosis of students as a component of the educational environment of professional adaptation of students  agronomists.

Baytukaeva A.Sh.
Linguistics and didactical testing as the tool of the pedagogical monitoring
The article considers the role which language testing plays in the process of pedagogical monitoring. A  brief description is given to tests in the teaching of foreign languages. The article focuses on the analysis of  the current testing system of FL knowledge control at the Universities of Kazakhstan.

Rudenko O. E.
Generalized way, pronouns, and excretory problems phrases
In article results of the analysis of a role of generalized-secretory pronouns in word combinations with  different types of communication in modern Russian are stated, grammatical and semantic features of  investigated word combinations based on semantic and functional properties of an generalized-secretory  pronouns, their valencies and categorial correlation are described.

Dmitruk M.V.
Improvement of teaching of Ukrainian to professional direction in a агротехноло- гическом university in obedience to the new program
Forms and methods which are instrumental in perfection of teaching of Ukrainian on a professional orientation are examined in the article.

Agazade A. M.
Discourse as an object of linguistic study
The article deals with the notion of discourse from the perspective of linguistics. Linguistic theory of  discourse should not only account for utterances in terms of (isolated) sentences, but also in terms of se- quences of sentences having a textual structure (e.g. coherence, both local and global). From this standpoint  the article also touches upon the connectivity within the text.

Lebedeva T.N.
Display of mythological and religious conceptions of space in phraseological units  with the component of the earth
This article explores the phraseological units with the component of the earth in their ethnic and linguis- tic aspect. Analyzed fragment of the language picture of the world, in which the level of phraseologies are  displayed mythological and religious conceptions about one of the most important concepts of life - space.

Mezentseva V.D.
Education of culture of international intercourse is in student environment
This article investigates the factors foster a culture of inter-ethnic communication among the stu- dents. Education begins with the education of students goes into education emotional experience of interna- tional communication, education willpower and ends self-education.  Improving the culture of communication between nations is very important in the context of globaliza- tion of modern society. 

Prikhodko A.I. 
Status assessment of modality in language
The questions related to the ratio of the assessment and modality. Attention is paid to communication  modality and subjective evaluation; it is emphasized that the assessment and modality should be studied as  phenomena of a different order.

Agayev P. Y.
The meaning and functional features of text-forming mononuclear sentences in  speech activity
This article is devoted to text-forming mononuclear sentences, to their functional features in speech ac- tivity. There is talked about modern discourse and the conclusions the scientists have drawn characterizing  individual’s mental activity.

Abbasova E. M.
Expressive Means of Predicativity in English
This article is devoted to the expressive means of predicativity in English. It contains information about seven forms of the expressive means of predicativity. English, Azerbaijani and Russian linguistics’ thoughts  and ideas were referred in this article, but it was mostly based on materials in English. 

Mammadova G. S.
About some theoretical questions of loan plants names in French and Azerbai- jan languages
In article some theoretical questions of loan plants names in French and Azerbaijan languages are stud- ied, and also the reasons causing these loans are considered. 

Alizade V. M.
Typology of referential expressions of the language
The role of the representatives of the national and foreign linguistics in the investigation of live and oral speech, speech acts is mainly stated in the given article. The participation of not only personal, indefinite and  negative pronouns but also articles, indefinite, negative adjectives, numerals in the formation of referential  expressions is skillfully found out and mentioned by the author.

Lutai N. , Besarab T.
Functions of Metaphors in the Text Structure (on the basis of Economic Discourse)
This article devotes particular attention to current research on metaphors referring to economic dis- course. As well as it traces the influence of cognitive and linguistic contexts on comprehension and usage of  metaphors in political and economic journalism. 

Potapova E.V.
Cognitive aspects of linguistic ontology development on physics of magnetic  phenomena
This article presents the experience of relation classification developing between the concepts in the spe- cific field of science - the physics of magnetic phenomena. Development of approaches to formalize the prob- lem-specific relations in the subject domains can improve the cognitive efficiency of ontology usage in the  field of artificial intelligence.

Sadykhova S. A.
To the problem of comparative construction in Russian language
In the article is considered the complex of question about comparative construction in the modern  Russian language. It is differentiated the compound subordinate sentence with the comparative supplementary  part and it is described their specification. It is the termined the carachteristic of similarity and difference of in  complite comparative supplementary part and isolated comparative turn (of speech).

Kaneeva R. E.
Globalization: English language as “Global World Language” and its social and lin- guistical problems
In this article there appears the meaning “Global World Language”, there are also given three points of  classification of the English language in the real time; and there are pointed social linguistic problems and the  reasons for their appearance.

Mezentsev  YU. L.
Noosfernoe world view is strategy of survival of modern civilization
In modern scientific literature widely the ноосферное studies of V.I.Vernadskogo: come into question  one authors criticize ноосферологию, other assert that it new scientific direction can come forward world  view basis of steady development of society. In this connection in the article, from position of integral phi- losophy, philosophy of антропокосмизма V.N.Sagatovskogo, dignities and lacks of studies are analysed  about ноосфере.

Chornobay S. YE.
The definition of idiom in modern phraseology
The article scrutinizes different approaches to the definition of the term “idiom” in Modern Phraseology.  The definitions of the term in native and foreign linguistics are analysed. Some idioms classifications are pre- sented. The main prospects for further researches are defined.