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Vol. 25 (64), № 4. p 1. 2012
Social communications

Antonova O. V.
Genre features of I.V. Kachurovsky's radiopublicism
The article is devoted determination of genre features of I. Kachurovsky, to the analysis  of realization an author's pragmatists by facilities of this genre, influence individually author features of publicist on the genre form of broadcasting.

Bogdanovich G.
Linguistic units and information and communication technologies?
In the article, propose study of linguistic units with help modern information and communication technologies. Proposed development of an electronic lexicographic source as  an innovative method of developing a multilingual educational material in polylinguacultural situation.

Drachova O. P. 
Representation of discursive-methodological strategies of silent  movies in the documentary film by D. Vertov “Man with a movie camera”
The problematics of documentary cinema of 20th years in Ukraine is considered in the  article . The communicative potential of documentary cinema is investigated in a context  of a methodological discourse by an example of the film «Man with a movie camera» by  D. Vertov.

Kiyashko U. P.
Perception of expressive means of visual information in TV news:  gender aspect
The specific of perception of expressive means of visual information in TV news is considered in the article. Differences in perception of visual information between men and  women are explored during the social experiment.

Makuschenko M.
The entertainment part in the news-programms on the television: the modern reality
This research article is dedicated to the tendence of usage of infortainement-format by  the producers of the news programmes on Ukrainian TV channels. Author analizes news  items of nationwide TV Channels 1+1, STB, Inter, 1st National Channel. Author separates  concepts of “content” and “form” of a report and suggests the prospect of usage of this  format in the future.

Smetanina М. О., Khodenkova L.
«Informative press-centre «IPC». Becoming and  development is in Crimea»
In the article speech will go about public organization of «Informative press-centre  «IPC» and his activity in Simferopol.

Sulim А.
Televisioncritic as a kind of mediacritica: functional and thematic aspects
In the article the TV-critica as a variety of mediacritica society is determined. The televisioncritic role especially in the modern world is considered. The features of materials  televisioncritic are studied. The features of televisioncritic in the Ukraine are analyzed.  The necessity of improving the televisioncritic for the purpose of mediacompetence are  substantiated.

Fedotova N.
The impact of urban environment on the participants of masscommunication process (based on online media Lugansk)
The article examines the impact of urbanization on the specifics of the functioning of  mass communication process, tracked the relationship between emotional overtones of information and the influence of urban lifestyle. We prove a pattern between the creation,  perception of media information and general urbanization processes that characterize the  features of the formation of urban society.

Bidasyuk N. V., Kuchman I. M.
Live Audiovisual Interpreting: Challenges of the Job
The article focuses on difficulties of live media interpreting in pragmatic, psychological,  deontological, pedagogical aspects.

Smirnov О. К., Gordeeva I.
Slang in the online editions. The problem of identification of slang
The emergence of this research topic due to a low of study of problem. This is due to  the fact that most studies do not slang beyond the description of slang, which are used to  a certain locality or a particular social group, while not done attempts to linguistic generalizations or conclusions, which could be applied to other regions of the slang or social  groups not only in real communication, but also in the Internet space.

Dzhigalyuk N.Yu.
Russian speech etiquette as component part of noosphere space
The cultural and regulative role of speech etiquette formula (greetings) is analysed in  the article. It was represented according to requests of noosphere space as qualitative new  paradigm.

Dikareva S. S. 
Linguistic Journalist’s Competence In Global Systems of  Communication 
In the article linguistic technologies and the Internet resources of World languages that  form the linguistic competence of modern journalist are examined .

Kuznetsova T. 
The axiological potential of language code in the text space of  the mass media
In the article the problem of axiological language potential in the modern media discourse is studied. The analysis of modern printed editions made it possible to reveal the  active functioning in the media discourse of verbal aggression , which is primarily caused  by the influence of sociocultural context, as well as by the communicative behaviour of a  journalist.

Malyarchuk U.O. 
To the question about the word-formation representation of the  evaluation meaning in mediatexts
In the article on the example of word-formation facilities of realization of estimation,  providing the pragmatic effect of publicist and informative speech, traced the way of  creation of evaluation in texts of Mass-media.

Butyrina M.V.
Media psychology: the problemof academic discipline formation
The article deals with domestic and foreign experience of teaching the course `Media psychology` within the special training of journalists, advertising and PR specialists.

Кrivoruchenko K. J., Korytova A.
«Basic problems and prospects of development of radio are in Сrimea ».
This scientific article is devoted possibilities of development of Crimean radio and  analysis of modern problems and prospects  of the regional wireless stations. We studied  theoretical material on the topic, considered the structure of broadcast as systems, exposed  basic problems and possibilities of development of broadcast in Crimea.

Коndratskaya V. L.,  Skobeeva D. A. 
Information journalism.
This paper considers the informational journalism, as one of the major genres  of journalism. What genres are, how did the information journalism, what is the news  agencies, which pursues the objectives and functions of its essence?

Oleynik O.
Pedagogical and Internet-communications in Distance Learning in  the USA universities: Guestions of Theory and Organization
The information technologial basis of the distance learning in the USA universities has  been defined. Theoretical and organizational aspects of the application of pedagogical and  Internet-communications in distance learning in the USA universities have been analyzed.

Vasilik Lybov.
Media security in light of Art. 171 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine:  debatable aspects.
This article analyzes the effectiveness of the said article in the Ukrainian information  space, summarizes the cases of law enforcement, conclusions about the level media security,  their position on the problem.

Kirich I.
Legislative initiatives from legal perspective of public service broadcasting
This article describes legislative issues in Ukrainian public broadcasting and suggests  some solutions.

Safronjeva G.
The content of  news service programmes on ukrainian tv channels:  the ethical aspect
The content of TV broadcasting on TV channel "1+1", Channel 5, Novyi Kanal has been  analyzed, examples of violations of ethical standards of journalists, the image of Ukrainian  TV journalism have been described.

Synorub G.
Assertivity in need quality tolerant conduct for journalistst
In this article were analyzed term "assertivity", might the basic features and value  assertivity behavior in journalism.

Hadzhi M.Kh.M. 
The implementation of the constitutional right of journalists to  freedom of expression during the establishment of democracy (the sample Iraqi  Kurdistan and Ukraine)
The article investigates the realization of the right to freedom of expression by the  media in Ukraine and the Republic of broad autonomy Iraqi Kurdistan. A comparison of  characteristics of changes in the level of press freedom in the diachronic dimension, and  identify common factors that influence this process. Analyze the socio-political situation in  both countries and its impact on press freedom.

Vareh N.V.
Ethno-cultural media stereotypes as structure and semantics forming factors of national identity: semiotical approach
The paper brings up to date the means of semiotical analysis for study of ethnocultural media stereotyping. The stereotypes are regarded as culture codes.

Zelenskaya L. V.
Influence of mass culture on the image of the home television  anchorwomen 
Features of the mass cultures influence on the forming of the image of modern  television  announcers were analysed.

Smirnov О. К., Kartashova Ch.S.
Feature of influence of modern informative society  on ethnic cultures
This scientificarticleis devoted research of features of influence of modern informative  society on ethnic cultures. We considered an ethnic culture identity in the conditions of cultural globalization, and also development is informative – telecommunication technologies  and their influence on the nationally – cultural associations of Crimea.

Kosinskaya Yu. V.
The development of editorial analysis of translation literature in Ukraine
The history of editorial analysis of translation literature in Ukraine is characterized  in this article. On the basis of the fixed facts of correction of translated texts and in view  of socio-political conditions are defined general approaches to this practice, which are  formed at certain periods of formation of the Ukrainian translation.

Kravchenko Е.
Functions of ukrainian reference books of the first decades of the  twentieth century.
The article described the function reference books in Ukraine the first two decades of  the twentieth century. Based on the analysis of the prefaces, reviews, scientific publications  shows how been formed understanding of the functional purpose of this type of publication.  The study showed that the reference books to satisfy people's need for information, were a  means of social communication, fixed linguistic norms, used in the learning process, influenced the formation of national consciousness.

Semisenko A.
Participation of Pavlo Tychyna in the publishing and editing process  in journal “Vitchyzna”
The article is devoted to coverage of the publishing activities of Pavlo Tychyna in  “Vitchyzna”. Based on the study of archival materials, diaries, essays, comments on the  manuscript individual approach to editorial analysis of the poetic text, generated by value  dominants of Tychyna-editor is analyzed, the frequency of comments with regard to the  content, structure, style and logic is counted.

Babak M.
"Language issue" as a political communication technology in the Ukrainian political discourse"
In the article "Language issue" as a political communication technology in the Ukrainian political discourse" the using of "language question" highlights as a technology of  manipulating public opinion and creating political image.

Barsuk Т. 
Problem of the determination of sociocommunicational brand essence
The article aims at defining sociocommunicational essence of brand. Special attention  is paid to the identification of brand. It is suggested distinguishing the terms of “brand”  and “trade mark”. There is made a conclusion that brand is a kind of communication and  has a sociocommunicational character.

Dotsenko K. O.
PR-professions:  the problem of analyzing and classification
The article considers the question of the diversity of jobs in the modern sector of PR.  On the basis of many research studies, considering the data of the classifier of professions  in Ukraine and the modern labor market the basic trades in the new of the industry for the  Ukrainian state – Public Relations – produced a classification and have been analyzed.

Zaytseva S.
Problem of the emotional-valuation essence of modern advertising text
The article is devoted to the determination of the emotional-valuation essence of modern advertising text from the position of a consumer. Special attention is paid to the ascertainment of positiveness and negativeness of modern advertising texts. It influences the  axiological balance/imbalance in media space.

Loboyko Tatiana Vladimirovna
Socio-cultural peculiarities and the use of humor  in social advertising
The article considers the socio-cultural peculiarities of application of humor in social  advertising. Analyzed the appropriateness of the use of factors of humor in social projects,  taking into account the level of its psychological impact on the modern man. The main attention is paid to conditions of creation of qualitative humorous social advertising.

Manych N. I.
Unique advertising trends 2012 (British, American and Ukrainian versions)
In the article the British, American and Ukrainian versions of advertising trends proposed by the specialists for 2012 are analyzed. The attempt to distinguish unique for each  country trends in sphere of advertising and marketing and to find out why trendwatchers  put them in their trendbooks was made.

Khavkina L.
Reflection of different spheres of life in modern advertising myth
The article is devoted to study basic parameters and variants of reflection of different spheres of person and social life in modern advertising myth, determination the main  types and creative-functional varieties of showing professional and family / private life in  the Ukrainian advertisement. Ability of advertising texts to translation, building and destruction of social stereotypes and to participation in process of person’s socialization are  explored.

Shevchenko T.S.
Issue about convergence of advertising and mass media
We study the interaction between advertising and the media as a component of social  communication. The influence of advertising on journalism and the consequences of this  process in the context of the hypothesis of the formation the audiences by mass media.

Egorova L., Fedorchuk K. 
Plagiarism in online journalism
This scientific article investigates the concept of «plagiarism», the assumptions of its  appearance, its nature and methods of combating plagiarism in the world of journalism.

Illyuk N.
The blogosphere as a manifestation of the "civil" ("public", "people") journalism
This article discusses the basic characteristics of the blogosphere as a determinant of  information-communicative (the reason for determining the occurrence of the phenomenon), the modern Ukrainian media space. Author selects the most characteristic blogosphere’s factors, influencing the formation of optimum standards of media education in  our country. Blogging’s functions considered as a manifestation of the "civil" ("public",  "people") journalism.

Varich M.
Political portrait as variety of essay is in the modern Ukrainian newspaper
In the article probed tendencies and prospects of development of such genre of journalism  as an essay. In particular, examines two his kinds: portrait of politician  and political  portrait. In process the main component are also specified the portrait of politician.

Maschenko А. P., Gafarova E. R.
Interview in the magazine "Focus"
Features of an interview as a genre of modern print media on an example of the magazine  "Focus".

Gilenko O.
Creating a positive image of Ukraine in travel essays in the "Vitchizna"  magazine
The article deals with the analysis of Ukraine image by the authors of travel essays, that  were published in the " Vitchizna" magazine. The features of these essays and influence the  political situation in the country from the author's position are examined.

Zykova A., Krivoruchenko E.
History of development of author radioprogramm in  Crimea (On the author sample «The Actual comment» program on radiokompanii   «Leader»)
This scientific article is devoted research of history of development of the author  programs in Crimea, on the example of radiokompany «Leader». We considered main   radioprogramms in Crimea, and similarly development of radio in Crimea in general. A  research object is Crimean radiokompany «Leader», and on bolem the detailed example  author program «The Actual comment».

Kichura L.
A social subject is in М. Нolubets’ researches (20-30-уеаrs XX century)
This article deals with the analyses of М. Нolubets’ description of our edge in the social  articles and essays. The social publications of author are studied, major problems which  he violated for them are marked.

Volodchenko О. N., Kozlova S.
Analytical methods and means interpritation facts  in journalism
In the work carried out integrated investigation metods journalist work in the preparation of analytical texts.

Lavitsky A.A.
Questions of modern genre typology of informative newspaper texts  (on the example of regional editions of Belarus and Germany)
The defining role in formation of language culture belongs to mass media today. The  key component, reflecting a language form of life, is printing periodicals, first of all newspapers. Changes of internal structure of a newspaper’s material are shown not only in  language, but also in stylistic features of submission of information. We suggest to consider  actual approaches to classification of informative texts of newspaper from the point of view  of domestic and foreign journalistic schools and analyse their features on materials of regional editions of Belarus and Germany.

Maschenko А.
The conflict potential of Crimea in the publications of American  media 1992-2004 years
This article analyzes publications of American print media – The New York Times, The  Washington Post, The Washington Times, and others which were released during 1992- 2004 and cover The Crimea like a potential hot spot. The article shows a constant interest  of the leading American media in the Crimea, systematizes edition publications by various  media telling about this disputed area. It explains reasons for interest of American media  in the fortune of the Crimea.

Melnichuk  Yu. 
Influence of religion content on conception newspaper „Bucovina” (late  nineteenth – early twentieth century)
The article is devoted to the issue of the impact of religious content on the concept  newspaper „Bukovina” late nineteenth – early twentieth century. Analyzed materials on  religious issues and determined their impact on the opinions of interethnic and interfaith  relations.

Mironyuk D.
The concept of printed media, Or will 2043 be the year when the last  newspaper in the world disappeare?
Ноw tо survive printed media in the difficult economic conditions, how to strengthen its  financial base, how to prevent bankruptcy of printed media, what should be the management? All of described can you read in the article «The Concept of printed media».

Palychuk A.
The emergence and development of oligarchic mass media in Ukraine
In article traced the main conditions oligarchic mass-media in Ukraine. Made attempt  analyze the change in the structure of the mass-media in Ukraine. Defined periods of becoming and development oligarchic mass-media.

Salikh Hiva Takhir.
The Swedish newspaper “Aftonbladet”: subjects, a problematics,  formation of genres
The topics and a genre arsenal of journalistic publications of the Swedish newspaper  “Aftonbladet” is studied in this article/

Кondratskaya V. L., Sidorenko I. P.
The press of Crimea hundred years ago
In the given work the press which was during the pre-revolutionary period is considered. What themes revealed in this press how there were newspapers how they developed, it  was how much difficult to obtain the permit to edition release (in comparison with today),  what materials and genres were used?.

Kirillova I. V.
Ukranian quality press: intellectual edition or mass reading
The  problem of the transformation of the Ukrainian quality press which extreme  dependence on state and business does not let it become a real quality leader of civil  society is investigated.

Semikolenova Е., Kashirina М., Chabanenko Т.
Lessons Learned from Implementing  Social Projects in Schools, or When Everybody Wins
 The article discusses experience of cooperation between a state university and an  NGO, a charitable foundation and a school.  Join implementation of a social project  unites the efforts of everyone involved, which allows to successfully introduce innovative  methodologies and interactive activities with the students and their parents into the  educational process.

Phenko N. M.
The Problems of Regional Mediacritcism's Establishment
In the article problem areas of the process of regional mediacriticism's becoming are  under research. In particular quantitative and qualitative characteristics of mediacritical  materials coming from regional channels are examined.

Buts N.V.
Semantic specificity of a mental lexicon: features of the use of word  "mother" in poetry of T.G. Shevchenko
In the article the use of word "mother" in poetries of T.G.Shevchenko`s “Kobzar” is  analysed, certain the features of its use, its semantic value.

Kazarin V.P., Kalashnikova O. L. 
The paper proposes a new interpretation of the nature of the interaction between  Pushkin and Byron tradition; traces the development in the Russian literature of the particular genre of poetic metaphorical epistle "To the ship," canonized by Horace; denotes the  circle of the geopolitical and historical associations, which make it possible to reinterpret  the place and the role of Pushkin's elegy in the history of literature.

Novikova T. Yu.
Providing the lexicographic basis for multilingual education in  Сrimea, Ukraine
The article deals with questions of practical lexicography in the context of language  teaching in the Crimea region of Ukraine, with the aim of providing the basis for a multilingual model of education.

Ostapenko I.V.
Landscape discourse and picture of the world: floristics in artistic  system of Bella Ahmadulina
Individually-author's picture of the world of B. Ahmadulina was studied in the article  on material of landscape lyrics. The subject of the statement has polyphonic nature; He is  in boundary "time" and "space"; art image differs originality of creation.

Savchuk (Ursu) A.Yu.
A literary heritage of  Y. Kasprowycha in reception I .Franko
The article presents the works of Yan Kasprowych, considered landmark events of his  literary path, marked achievements of the poet and translator of the tangent Frankivsk  inquiry into "sonetyarstva". Analyzed literary heritage Y.Kasprowycha in reception  I.Franko.

Semenets O. S.
These signs of the post-modernist discourse in the French novel of  the middle of XX century
In the article the basic signs of the post-modernist discourse are founded. These signs  are  characteristic for French novels of the middle of XX century (on the example of novel work of writer Jean Genet). The creative marginalizm as a guarantee of actuality in  искустве хх century assists the search of new forms of self-expression and self- awareness.

Tserkovnyak T., Vishtak N., Gorkun S.
Basic directions of organization оf teaching  foreign language to senior pupils at secondary school in the conditions of modernization  of education
The article deals with the ways of improvement of teaching managment in secondary  school. The author analyses main directions of teaching senior pupils in the context of  modernization of education. It is especially stressed on such notions as productive teaching, personal attitude and project methodology.